An Announcement Regarding Ball Winders and Swifts

Posted by Michael Gallagher on

As we transition the company, we have hit one of the most feared walls for any manufacturer: loss of knowledge. When Mike passed, we lost the wealth of knowledge of the small details required to make the Nancy's Knit Knacks Ball Winder and Swifts the wonderful machines that they are. I would rather have disappointed customers from lack of product, rather than poor quality machines being sent out across the globe.
Effectively immediately we are hitting pause on all sales for the ball winder, swifts, and some other smaller items while we regroup. We will work to fully understand the design and construction with hopes that in a couple of months we are prepared to open the store back up with stocked shelves of high quality machines.
I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration. We are working to make it right with any customers who were caught in limbo during this period. If you have not heard from us, please reach out on either Instagram or Facebook so that we can can resolve your order.
Our eyes are set on 2021 to be a year of catching up, leveling out, and growth.

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  • I have one of your fabulous ball winders (made in Q1 2013), but it ceased up at the beginning of this year. I checked your website at the time and concluded that the problem is with the Torque Tube Assy.
    At the time you offered a repair for free or a replacement part, but I can’t find this on your website now.
    I emailed you twice in January but did not receive a reply.
    I would love to know whether I’m going to be able to get this fixed at some point. If not I’ll need to buy a new ball winder, which would be a great shame as this one was supposed to last a lifetime.

    Charlie on
  • In need of belts for electric ball winder. Do you have those?

    Holly Tenison on
  • I have used one of the ball winder for years. My thoughts are with you as I am sure that the many small details are what made the winders the wonderful tools they are. Thank you for taking the time to maintain the tradition. I am sad for both your personal loss, and the loss of the many tiny, critical, skills in his hands, Blessings on your work.

    Lois on

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