How To Assemble the Yarn Pet from NKK Tools

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Managing yarn while you work shouldn't be a chore! Our Yarn Pets keeps things safe & secure, letting you work from the outside of a center pull ball with no aggravating tangles or uneven tension. Choose from single, duo and trio options; each one includes assembly instructions and all the tools you need to put it together. On today's post, we'll walk you through the simple steps to assemble a Yarn Pet for those of you who are visual learners. 

Start by unpacking the contents of your Yarn Pet; the only thing that's not included is a tape measure (we're using our Needle Gauge, which includes a metric and inch ruler).  

NKK tools yarn pet parts for assembly

Lightly press the end of the Yarn Guide/Tensioner Post (1) into the large hole on the base (7). Take care not to press too hard or it will be difficult to adjust or remove.

add yarn guide to base

Next, take the rod and slide the collar with the hole in one side (2) onto it, positioning it approximately 2 inches from one end. (Please note: the newest models use two of the metal collars do not need the collar with the hole in it - so you don't have to worry about which one you use during this step!)

Use the allen wrench (5) to tighten this collar in place. (Please note: this step can be skipped for newer models)

Then, slide the wood disc (3) onto the rod from the opposite end:

Slide the second collar (4) onto the rod to secure the wood disc. Rotate to secure this screw, making sure that it is not too tight  against the wood disc - you will need the disc to be able to rotate freely. 

Then, insert the rod into the base like so: 

When you're ready to work with your yarn ball, slide the rod into the middle of your yarn ball, then thread your working yarn through the curly-Q on the Yarn Guide/Tensioner Post. 

When you're finished knitting, simply pull both the yarn guide and post out of your Yarn Pet and store in the box or your knitting bag - you can leave the collars and wooden disc in place on the rod to make set-up faster when you're ready to use it next. 

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 How to Assemble the Yarn Pet from NKK Tools

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  • If my ball of yarn is a bit “big” for the disc, or starts to “slouch”, I find that a computer disc will hold it up and it suits just fine until the ball is smaller, and fits a bit better on the smaller disc. The edges are smooth and it travels freely.

    Lois on

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