How to Wind Yarn on a Niddy Noddy

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Not planning to leave the house for a while? Now is a great time to explore your stash and use up those leftover bits of yarn - and if you’re not sure just how much you have, our Niddy Noddy measures yardage accurately and can create 4 skein sizes. This quick tutorial shows how to measure yardage and create beautiful hanks of yarn in no time flat!

nancy's knit knacks niddy noddy for winding and measuring yarn

First, choose which skein size you want to make: the longer shaft (above, left) creates 1.5 and 2 yard skeins, and the shorter shaft (above, right) creates 27 inch and 1 yard skeins. You will be counting the number of times that the yarn is wrapped around your niddy noddy and multiplying it by your selected length to calculate your final yardage. 

Use the knobs to attach the cross-arms on either end of your preferred shaft, being careful not to strip the screws by over-tightening the knobs.

assembling the niddy noddy

Start by securing one yarn ends in the notch on the middle of the shaft: 

securing yarn to wind on niddy noddy

Then begin to wrap the yarn around the niddy noddy; for the largest size skein with your selected shaft size, use this pattern (work clockwise from top L): 

 how to wind yarn on a niddy noddy

For smaller skein, wrap around two arm ends, making sure to use a non-knobbed end so that you can easily remove the skein when you’re done:

making mini skeins on niddy noddy

When you run out of yarn, tie ends around skein to secure. 

tying yarn to secure ends

Remove from niddy noddy by sliding the yarn off of the non-knobbed arm first.

removing yarn from a niddy noddy

Now it’s time to twist your yarn into a hank so that it doesn’t become a tangled mess! Start by holding each end of the skein in your hands, then twist each end in opposite directions several times. Next, bring hands together (still holding onto each end) and allow the yarn to twist upon itself. To finish, pull 1 end of the skein through the other!

how to twist yarn into a hank

It may take a little practice, but before long you’ll be winding your skeins like a pro using this essential tool. 

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how to wind yarn on a niddy noddy

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