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Mike Gallagher - New Owner of NKK ToolsHi there! I'm Mike Gallagher, the new owner of Nancy's Knit Knacks, or NKK Tools, as we'll be calling it going forward. I grew up in Nebraska, attended college in Maine, and have since landed in North Carolina, where I’ve been for about 10 years total (7 years in the Raleigh area and 3 years in Hickory,  where I currently live and have been running my business). I love living near the mountains, and I have a 4 year old daughter who keeps me busy outside of the workshop.

I have a woodworking background with a BFA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from the Maine College of Art and have taken workshops at both the Penland School of Crafts and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Like many of the crafters who enjoy NKK tools, I absolutely love to make things with my hands! I used to focus mostly on custom furniture but have recently moved towards making custom wood components. 

In fact, for the past 5 years, many of those custom wood components have been for NKK Tools, and during that time I have also done some equipment assembly for NKK. When the opportunity came to purchase the company, it seemed like the natural next step! 

While the products will remain the same top-quality you're accustomed to, you will see some changes to our website and social media channels in the months to come, starting with a fresh new look and a brand-new logo! I look forward to sharing this journey with you! 

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

What’s on your wish list from NKK Tools this holiday season? Here are some of our best-loved products to give and get this year:

heavy duty yarn ball winder from nkk tools

Heavy Duty Ball WinderThis time-saving tool has rave reviews from our customers; it’s truly the only ball winder you’ll ever need! Wind any skein from small to large, lace to bulky, and even art yarns! Choose from manual or electric options to easily produce a beautiful center-pull ball every time.

yarn swift skeinwinder nkk tools

Yarn Swift: A companion to our ball winder, we offer many sizes of swifts to suit your needs. If you are winding yarn for personal use, our 2-yard tabletop model (without the motor option) will be perfect for your needs!

handy andy andean plying tool for handspinners nkk tools

Handy Andy Andean PlyerThis clever tool is a real hand-saver, taking all of the strain and pain out of the plying process for handspinning!

Wraps Per inch (WPI) tool NKK tools

Wraps Per Inch (WPI) Tool: This handy tool makes a great stocking stuffer! Lost the label to a commercially-made yarn? Need to measure your handspun skein? Simply wrap any yarn around this tool to gauge the thickness of any yarn, using the laser etched legend and printed reference card!

perfect notions case knitters crocheters nkk tools

Perfect Notions Case: Choose from 4 great colors in our popular notions case! These sturdy cases have 6 compartments to keep all of your knitting and crocheting essentials safe. At $3.50 per case, they're perfect for stocking stuffers or guild gifts!

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NKK tools holiday gift guide for knitters crocheters handspinners fiber artists

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  • L O V E my ball winder!! Best investment I’ve ever made!

    Congrats on your new venture Mike! Maybe I\we’ll get to “virtually meet” some day!

    Ginny Deppe on
  • Congratulations Mike. I have the heavy duty ball winder and i love it. was thinking about converting to the electronic base but not sure i need it.
    I’m glad i’m on your email mailing list as Enrico Rao
    Best of luck to you on your new venture
    Ric Rao – Master Spinner – Filatore

    Ric Rao on

  • AWESOME! Congratulations on this business venture!

    JULIA on
  • Having problems with heavy duty ball winder that won’t wind even balls. Have tried all the fixes in the videos. Can you help?

    Vicki McKay on

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