Heavy Duty Ball Winder

  • $299.00

The industry's leading commercial grade ball winder for stores, professionals, and consumers. This ball winder can wind up to 1 Lb. balls. Unit can also be motorized and meterized (extra cost options). Made of Maple hardwood and heavy duty steel shafts and Swiss gears. Over 10,000 sold Worldwide since 2006. Made in the USA. Weighs 7 Lbs.

The Std. Spindle is what most users need. The Small Diameter Spindle is for making smaller balls with smaller center holes BUT it cannot make really large balls (greater than 4-5 ounces). A Super Small Spindle is also available as a free-standing option (see spare parts).

This unit comes with the standard size 5/16" orifice pigtail yarn guide. If buyer selects the Large Pigtail, they will get both the Std. diameter and the Large orifice pigtail tensioner posts.

Please note: we do not have separate pictures of systems with Small Diameter Spindles and Power Bases and large orifice tensioner posts so if the option you are purchasing calls for one or more of these options, then please rest assured that these options are included even though the photos dot not show them.

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