Heavy Duty Cone Winder

  • $329.00

Our Cone Winder is a special version of our Heavy Duty Ball Winder. Essentially, it consists of a standard ball winder fitted with a Small Diameter Spindle instead of the standard spindle. It also includes a set of special o-rings that fit onto the spindle that allow various sizes of cones to fit snugly on the spindle.

Our cone winder winds a ball on the surface of the cone. It does not wind a traditional cone shape but it does wind the yarn securely on the surface of the cone. Winding the yarn onto the cone in this matter allows the yarn to be removed more easily when removed horizontally. Horizontal removal eliminates re-twisting of the yarn which occurs when taking yarn off the cone vertically.

The cone winder works well with our Power Base and metering systems.

The cone winder is a heavy duty system that can hold up to commercial requirements.

Note: the image of the motorized cone winders do not show the small diameter spindle mounted but it is on the actual unit. Also, only one spindle is shown even though some configurations include both the Std. and the SDS spindles.

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