Yarn Ball Cores 3.5" and 5.0" -Q

Yarn Ball Cores 3.5" and 5.0" -Q

  • $6.00

Yarn Ball Cores - we offer both 5" long and 3.5" long cores.

Mini-cores are shorter 1.2 in dia. x 3.5 in, acid free paper. Both of these lengths are recommended for use on the Small Diameter Spindle. This size better matches the spindle diameter of 1.25". 3.5" long cores are sold in 2 different qty's: 20 and 50.

5" Long cores - We have re-introduced our original 5.0" long cores which are also 1.2" in diameter. Acid free paper. These are available in 10 and 30 packs.

Here is an old video which shows how to use them

All cores are extremely sturdy and won't collapse. Great for repeat use.


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  • Looking at the info on cardboard cores: 1.2 dia which are intended to fit a 1.25 spindle. I imagine that there's a typo in the information on the web site and that the cores do indeed fit on the spindle, but a confirmation would be appreciated.

    That is correct info. You do not put the core over the spindle, you wind your ball and then press the cores against the top of the spindle and then pull tht ball up onto the core. It is not intuitive, I know, but it works. We have been selling them for 9 years or so. The reason they are slightly smaller then the SDS spindle is that we don't want any interference as the ball is slid onto the core. I just uploaded an old video which ashows how to use them.