DP Needle Tubes -Q

DP Needle Tubes -Q

  • $5.50

A pack of 4 DP Needle Tubes - the safest way to store your double pointed needles! If you want SLOTS in your tubes for sock knitting, then order Wip Tubes #23300p instead!

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  • Hi Do the tubes come in different sizes? Are all 4 (in a pack) for the same needle size? I have all sizes of needles and would need at least 1 for each size. Do you have a tube for every size?

    There are 4 DP Tubes in a pack. They can hold 4 needles in each up to a certain size (I believe it is a size 10 but will have to check). Yes, you use a tube for each needle size unless they are small, in which case you can share a tube across 2 sizes.