Yarn Pet Duo -Q

  • $60.00

A Yarn Ball holder that holds two balls of yarn. Perfect for 2 color knitting and any other application that requires 2 balls of yarn.
This is the big "sister" of the Yarn Pet. It has a 7" x 7" x 13/64" thick Maple hardwood base (same size as our Jumbo Lazy Kate). It has 3 mounting holes (2 on adjacent corners so that you can get 2 large balls or cones on the platform at the same time or 1 single in the middle for when you have a really large ball or cone).
This Pet is much more substantial than the Yarn Pet single. It was designed to hold 2 versus 1 ball/cone and large balls or cones. Because we direct the yarn through 2 guides, the user has the ability to tension both balls/cones differently. See the webpage for more info. Includes two 8-14" long rods. Longer 11-14" rods can be substituted for a slight additional charge.


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  • Which clamp would be best for this Yarn Pet Duo?

    The EYM Clamp or the Swift Std Clamp