Power Supplies, Power Cords, and Motors

Power Supplies for ball winders and skein-winders. The 24 Volt Power Supply for the products that use a motor should not be used with e ERC or EYM meters. The meters use a less powerful 12 Volt Power Supply which handles their needs but which is too weak to power the motors. Do not use the 12 Volt units for anything that uses a motor.

Power Cords -  Both of our power supplies use the same power cord which is a standard PC type power cord.

Motors - The same motor is used for both ball winders and skein-winders. Users who upgrade from older Power Bases (pre 2011) on their ball winders may need to upgrade to the newer belts and pulleys. The more powerful motors used after 2011 require the use of larger 1/4" diameter series belts and pulleys versus the previous 3/16" diameter size.