Belts (2) for Power Base -Q

Belts (2) for Power Base -Q

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These orange (also clear sometimes) colored belts are for use on the current power bases as well as earlier units which use a 1/4" diameter (thickness) belt. These 1/4" dia. belts replace skinnier 3/16" dia. belts which were previously used from 2008-2010 approx. Sold 2 to a package. Belts will stretch, especially if your ball winder is dirty (inside) or if the black Flange O-ring is too tight against the pointy shaft. If you correct these issues, your belts will last longer. Once they stretch, they are not useful any longer. Note - our belts do not break so don't judge the health of your belt based on breakage.

The key in determining the latest belts from the older ones is that the new belts will be 1/4" (6 mm) in thickness (diameter). The really old belts were just 3/16" thick.

If you are using an OLD unit from 2008-2011 you probably have belts which are 3/16" in dia and these will not work on the new systems. Both pulleys and belts need to be upgraded to these larger 1/4" dia belts. Most users do that when they get a new motor. There were black and orange belts used on the 3/16" dia. belts so don't be confused. MEASURE the diameter to be sure!

Diameter is the measurement across the thickness or width of the belt.

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  • What is the current color of these belts?

    The current color is Orange. They are 1/4" in diameter. They run between the Power Base and the Ball Winder's pulley. They used to be Clear. Both the clear and the orange belts work the same. 

    Back in 2008, when we first introduced the Power Base, it used a Black belt that was thinner and measured just 3/16" in diameter. When we later moved to a more powerful motor (around 2010 or so) we had to upgrade the pulley and the belt to accomodate a more robust design so the motor would not cause the belt to slip. That is when we moved to a metal pulley and a 1/4" belt.

    If you find you are changing the belts too often, it is probably because your ball winder is dirty inside or the black flange o-ring on the ball winder is too tight.

    Belts should last upwards of 6 months in a yarn shop and then they typically stretch. Once stretched, they become useless and need to be replaced. Belts never break, incidentally.