BW Handle

BW Handle

  • $22.50

Handle for Heavy Duty Ball Winder, replacement. Includes rotating 2 inch diameter ball grip. This handle design gives the user increased leverage and torque when cranking the ball winder.

Handle now uses a black plastic extension as opposed to white in the photo.


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  • Why would a handle break on a ball winder?

    The BW is probably loaded with fiber debris and trying to turn the gears when there is so much resistance will either break the handle or the gears. You must clean the inside of the ball winder out every year or so. See our youtube video on

    Some of the early units did not have the large 2" diameter ball handle and on these the wood cap may come off and then the bearings and wood section fall off. You can send it in and we can add the ball handle for a fee or you can buy a new handle. You can also repair the old one by putting everything back together and using epoxy to attach the cap at the end of the steel shaft.

    The new Ball Handle is so much better than the original. We probaby have not shipped the orginal design since 2007-08. Get anew one or have your old one updated.

    We have also improved the strenegth of the new handle in a few ways. The main shaft that fits into the newer handle is now 10mm dia whereas the original was 3/8" dia. That means that a new handle may fit slightly sloppy on an old 3/8" shaft but it will work.