Motor Replacement

  • $60.00

We only use one motor for all of our motorized applications. That means you cannot select the wrong motor! Please note - all motor sales are final - no returns accepted

We sell the motor (1) by itself as well as with (2) properly sized Pulleys and Belts. If you have a Power Base that uses clear or orange belts that are 1/4" in diameter, then you just need to buy the motor. All motors on our swift and skein-winders only use the correct sized pulleys so if you are buying a motor for your swift, you do not need new pulleys.

Lifetime of motors - Our motors will last up to 2,000 running hours (meaning actually operating). Then the brushes and gears wear and the motor has less and less power at which time you simply order a new motor and install it yourself.

If the user has our older motor dating back to 2011 or earlier and they have not upgraded their pulleys or belts to the newer 1/4" belts, then when they purchase a new motor, they will also also need to purchase the new larger pulleys and belts. The new motors MUST only be used with the larger 1/4" belts and pulleys. If you are using a White plastic pulley on your existing MOTOR (all ball winders use a white plastic pulley but the motors have used both plastic and metal over time) then you are using the old belts and pulleys and will need to upgrade.

Our motor is a DC Gear motor and runs at 135 RPM. This motor has 100 inch ounces of torque. Basically, the combination of this powerful little motor, the ball winder gears, and our belt/pulley combination results in a package that can power both our ball and cone winders as well as our swifts and skein-winders.

Power Base application - Complete instructions are included as well as the necessary cable, screws and Allen Wrench. If you purchase the pulley and belt option, then in addition to the motor, you will also receive 2 belts and both pulleys (1 for the ball winder and 1 for the motor).

Please note that a cable is soldered on the motor leads. Replacement motors also come with a thermistor soldered inline which is covered by Black Duct Tape. Do not remove the tape which protects against short circuits. The cable and thermistor are not in the picture above nor are the small screws and lock washers or Allen Wrench. We provide an Allen Wrench so you can remove the pulley from the old motor and re-install it onto the new motor.

Instructions - we no longer print and mail the multi-page instructions for replacing  a motor. We will email this document to you when we ship your order.

WARNING - all motor sales are final - no returns or refunds. If you order a motor and it does not solve your problem, then you still own the motor. It is up to the buyer to check out our many videos on Youtube and other information BEFORE they buy a motor. 95% of all performance issues with our motorized ball winders are caused by the BALL WINDER and NOT the Power Base or motor.

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