Anything but Lazy Kate (ABLK) -Q

Anything but Lazy Kate (ABLK) -Q

  • $145.00

The ABLK is a high performance Lazy Kate based on an advanced design by NKK
The "Anything but Lazy Kate™" has an extensive list of features that spinners will not find anywhere else.  It is the most advanced Lazy Kate on the market back then and remains in that position to this day.

It employs the tilt-back design for using gravity to provide a certain amount of tension on the bobbins. What makes our tilt-back design unique is that we have infinite adjustability of the tilt angle. We have now added the "Lay Flat" feature which allows the unit to sit perfectly flat, if necessary. The user  can now adjust it from 0 to 45 degrees and everywhere in between. We accomplish this by means of a specially designed lid bracket that is  controlled by an adjustable knob.
The Kate can use std 8-1/4" tall rods or optional 11-1/4" rods which are for using 10" cones or super large bobbins. Please visit our webpage for more info on this great Lazy Kate!

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  • How does work, is the $145 dollars with shipping, i will be very happy if you send me the video how it work

    I do not believe I ever made a video of it working. The $145 is for the item. Shipping cost all depends where you are located. It works like any lazy kate but has 3 forsm of tensioning - see webpage for details