Electronic Rotation Counter ERC Kit

Electronic Rotation Counter ERC Kit

  • $219.99

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May 1 2019 Update - we hope to have this item available again by August

Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) Kit for HDSS Swifts. Includes necessary metal tilt bracket assy. for mounting on top of swift. Converts your Swift into a Skein-winder. Includes everything you need to add it to your swift.  100-240 VAC Power Supply (12 VDC input).

This product is on limited availability and may not be sold at all as a stand-alone add-on. Please contact us if interested.

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  • Hi, this is Heidi Dascher from The Artful Ewe. The power cord for one of my ERC's isn't working. I know it's the power cord because I switched it from the other unit (I have two) and the other cord is working. How much is the power cord replacement, and can I order one? My phone # is 360-643-0183.

    The 12 Volt power supply has 2 cables. One is attached permanently to the power supply and that is the one that plugs into the ERC. Was this damaged? The other cord is the one that plugs into the wall for power. This one is a Std PC Power cord and it very tough. Are you sure it is the one that plugs into the jack on the ERC? It could also be the Power Supply itself which could have failed. Do you use a power strip or leave it on all of the time? I recomend using a power strip since the ERC never turns off. You can buy a new 12 volt power suppy with or without the Power cord in our new store http://www.nkkshop.com