Ball Winder Spindles and Posts

Our Ball Winder is available in 3 different Spindle and 2 different Post configurations.


  • The Standard spindle (Std) is the primary version. It is 6" tall, 2" in diameter at the base and 1-5/8" dia. at the top. It is a tapered spindle. It is used to make yarn balls of all types. It can make a huge ball measuring up to 7" x 7".
  • The Small Diameter Spindle (SDS) is also 6" tall but it has a thinner main spindle section measuring 1.25" in diameter. It is not tapered. It cannot make a ball greater than about 4" tall because the lower section will interfere. with the growth of the ball.
    • It is used to make smaller center hole balls which pack better when making kits. It is also better for making smaller balls. However, it is more finicky and more susceptible to tension changes than the std. spindle.
    • The SDS is also used in our Cone Winder. The cones slide over the spindle and a knob is attached by threading it into the top of the spindle which holds the cones in place.
  • The Super Small Diameter Spindle (SSDS) is a highly specialized item and is used to make really small amounts of yarn which are wound directly onto a small yarn ball core (Ultra Mini-Core) which measures just 1.25" tall by 0.5" dia. 


The std post is used for most applications. It has a wireform (curly Q) which has a 5/16" dia. orifice.

The Large Wireform is used primarily for Art Yarn. It has a 1.0" dia. orifice. Please note than the incoming yarn can move around more when passing through the larger orifice so it may slip off of the target zone on the ball more readily.

In general, we recommend using the Standard versions of the post and the spindle simply because they are more forgiving when winding a ball of yarn. But the others will work as intended.