Shipping, Customs, Taxes & Signatures

Freight and Postage charges

NKK Pays the freight charges for your order but it does not pay Custom duties or fees, Govt. taxes, or advancement fees charged by YOUR Govt's Post Office or by FedEx. You are responsible for these other charges, if any.

Shipping - NKK offers two primary methods for shipping orders Worldwide:

US Postal Service is used for all low weight shipments in the USA. Low weight is typically 3 lbs or less. We can ship heavier shipments via Postal if the customer requests it. Please be aware that postal has a terribly weak tracking system and we do not recommend using Postal for any valuable shipments or ones which need to get to the destination quickly or reliably. We cannot help very much in locating delayed shipments under the Postal tracking system, especially International. So YOU will need to check with your Postal service in the event of a problem because we will not be able to help very much.

FedEx - this is our recommended service for most shipments. Tracking is excellent and we can assist thru FedEx in finding shipments if they are delayed, etc. As a result of the large number of International shipments we make thru FedEx, we receive excellent rates from them. We recommend that you select FedEx when shipping any equipment internationally as well as domestically.

We DO NOT recommend shipping FedEx Ground to Canada. You are better off shipping FedEx Express (Air) to Canada because they include the Customs Brokerage fees in the rate for Express but for Ground, these charges (which can be $10-40), would be charged separately to you. We do not allow FedEx Ground shipments to Canada, as a result.

FedEx Advancement Fees - If you do not have an account with FedEx on file, they may charge you Advancement Fees for paying your duties and taxes in your country on your behalf. These can be $10-20 per box. However, if you have a FedEx account AND if you provide that to us prior to shipping your order, then we will add this info to the order and this will save you these extra charges from FedEx.

Signatures upon delivery at the destination - often times Postal will simply leave the box on your doorstep or in your mail box. They will scan it as being delivered but you may not have signed for it. If the item is delivered to your mail box or front door and the Postal Service says that they delivered it to you, then there is nothing we can do to help you in the event that it is missing. You will need to put a claim in for that order thru USPS. We will assist in any reasonable way but you will have to do the research.

FedEx signatures - FedEx may also leave a box at your location without requiring a signature. If you require a signature you need to select the appropriate option when selecting the correct freight rate for your order. It is called Indirect Signature or Direct Signature. All high dollar orders via FedEx should be shipped requiring a signature by the recipient. If you live in a high crime area of any type (Porch Pirates, etc.), it is your responsibility to ensure that the shipment requires a signature. If you don't see the option when placing your order, add a comment in the order and we will verify it and contact you. You will have to pay an additional fee for this service ($3 - 20) depending on number of boxes and dollar value.  This is a FedEx program, not ours.

Questions? Call us at 800-731-5648 USA and 919-387-9197 International