Wholesale & Professional Courtesy Info

Looking to purchase Nancy's Knit Knacks' products to sell in your store or use in your business? To NKK, Wholesale means that resellers will order products in sufficient quantities in order to get a substantial discount for the purpose of reselling those items within their own business. Professional Courtesy is an additional discount that we offer for all businesses in the fiber arts industry that simply need our equipment for their own use in their business but do not intend to resell it. 

We are pleased to offer both discounts to our business customers but we must first ensure that you receive the appropriate discount for your particular situation. In order to receive either discount, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. Create a standard account in our shopping cart.
  2. Request that we convert your account to a wholesale account by completing the form at the end of this page.
  3. Wholesale only - Please indicate if you want to apply for Net 30 day terms which would apply after your initial order. Of course, we accept credit card and PayPal as well.
  4. Initial orders for new Wholesale accounts must be a minimum of $400 and only 1 ball winder may count toward this minimum calculation. If you order 4 or more ball winders on this initial order, then that will qualify as an approved opening order. 
  5. Note: If you only need Ball Winders or Swifts for your own internal use, then you would be better off applying for a Professional Courtesy account instead of wholesale. The Professional Courtesy program provides less of a discount than does a Wholesale account, however, you are more likely to be approved for this type of discount provided you can provide evidence that you are actively engaged in the business and that you sell your products/services online somewhere. Otherwise, you will just be offered standard Retail pricing.
  6. Once again, NKK is looking for serious-minded wholesale resellers who want to "actively" promote our products to their customers. If you do not intend to fulfill this very important requirement, then please apply for a Professional Courtesy account instead of wholesale.


You also need to review the more detailed info contained in this link about REQUIREMENTS for both Whse and Professional Accounts

After we review your application, we will notify you if we have any questions concerning your eligibility to open either type of account. If everything looks like it is in order, we will change your account from retail to Wholesale (or Professional) and you will then be able to see the discounted prices listed next to the retail prices as you go through the store. In order to receive these discounts, you MUST log in each time prior to entering the Checkout phase or you will just see Retail prices. You will see the discounted prices as you go throughout the store provided you are properly logged in.

Do you already have an approved Wholesale account? Send us an inquiry and we will verify your status as an active whse account. If you have stopped actively buying our products for resale, we will re-categorize you as a Professional account instead.

New wholesalers may be granted Net 30 Day payment terms after their initial order. Net 30 terms are subject to review of the customer's credit worthiness and may be revoked at any time. NKK may cancel the Net 30 day terms for all new orders at any time without notice.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Questions? 800-731-5648 USA  919-387-9197 International  info@nancysknitknacks.com