Ball Winder Refurb - Clean, Adjust, and reship

  • $30.00

NO NET 30 TERMS ON REPAIRS - all repair orders must be prepaid

This service includes cleaning and adjusting our Heavy Duty Ball Winder. We will replace the Flange O-ring and verify proper operation. You may also purchase other services as part of this refurbishment. Return shipping back to you will be based on your address and the mode of shipment that you select. You will need to return the item to us prepaid. If there are any unusual issues with your unit, we will contact you.

If you are uncertain as to what additional services you will need, then purchase the basic refurb (lowest cost) and we will contact you before we complete the repair.

If your clamp ring is circular, you will need to select an option for replacing the Clamp Ring. Because many of the geometries from that style to the new style have changed, a tremendous of extra labor is used to replace and fit parts (spindle and arm) after the clamp ring is replaced

NOTE: if you are also sending the Power Base back then order that refurb package also.  We will refund any redundant charges for shipping or other items.

DO NOT SEND BOLTS, BLOCKS, or PEGS back and DO NOT HAVE PERFUME ON WHEN PACKING THE UNIT. UNITS THAT SMELL LIKE A PERFUME FACTORY WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $10. Also do not use plastic peanuts to cushion the unit. Use crumpled paper instead.

Ship the unit back to:

Nancy's Knit Knacks LLC

104 Hobblebrook Ct., Cary, NC 27518 USA

This address will not print out on your receipt so copy it now!

Do not send bolts, clamp blocks, wing nuts or handle if handle is OK.

Make sure you protect the handle shaft so that it does not poke thru the box. Protect all wooden pieces so they do not get scratched by other items inside the box. Add sufficient dunnage to prevent parts from moving around.

Be sure to put identifying paperwork inside the box so we know who owns the unit and how to contact you.

Insurance is up to you.


919-387-9197 (our phone for shipping paperwork)

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