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NOTE! this product is being phased out. We only have some LARGE Tags left. After that, they will no longer be available

We invented Circular Needle ID Tags™ over 10 years ago. These little tags allow the knitter to identify their circular needles with both US and metric needle sizes. Each set (both Small and Large) includes 29 separate tags.

The user simply snaps the tag onto the needle's cable. The tag remains there while the needle is not being used. When the user needs a certain size needle, they can remove the tag and re-attach it when they are finished with that project. These tags enable the knitter to immediately identify the size needle that they are holding or in their storage system.
Some of the very best needles have sizes that easily wear off. These tags fix that problem once and for all. Our tags uses an industrial printing process that is so good, that it is impossible to remove the printing. We chemically etch the ink into the plastic.
If you have trouble identifying the size of your circular needles, then get some of our great ID Tags.
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  • Hi I wish you would make more of the needle ID tags and include a few more of 2, 2.25,2.5, 2.75 as they are very difficult to ID unless I gauge them and my addi gauge sizer is different to my other gauge 😩 Am in Australia- use mm and love your products!

    These are slow movers and are also very expensive to make. You should use our Needle Gauge which has accurate sizes, in fact it is probably the most accurate needle gauge on the market. They are on sale right now!