Color Wheel and Book -Q

  • $19.99

This booklet thoroughly, yet easily explains how to use the color wheel and apply it to your fiber project. If you have always wanted to know how to use this great tool but were unable to due to the complexity of the topic, this is the book that will allow you to finally understand how to select colors.

Be careful and make sure you select the correct item - book only or book and wheel

Nancy's comments:
"Knitting with more than one color can be like painting a picture. The colors you choose can be soothing, exciting, dull, etc. They can blend or contrast or just look horrible together! Of course, you have the freedom to choose any colors you wish. You may find inspiration in the world around you, in another fabric, or in a painting. But if you have problems choosing colors that end up being pleasing to the eyes or a fabric that is balanced, then this booklet might help you."


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