Cone Accessory Kit -Q

Cone Accessory Kit -Q

  • $9.00

This kit is intended for use on the following products:

  • ABLK Lazy Kate
  • Jumbo Lazy Kate
  • Bobbin and Cone Holder (discontinued product)

It can also be used on the Yarn Pet series of products but the primary difference between this kit and the YP Cone Kit is that this kit includes both sizes of Wood discs whereas the YP Cone Kit only includes the 2" disc (since all pets already have the 2-7/16 wood disc). This kit also includes a #4 Rubber Stopper (small).

What does this kit do? It allows you to mount cones on the rods that come with these products. Our method of mounting cones on rods is unique and it eliminates the re-twisting of yarn as it comes off the cone because we remove the yarn horizontally.

Note: the picture is missing a #4 rubber stopper


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