Cone Winder Adaptor Kit -Q

  • $55.00

Our Cone Winder Adaptor Kit allows the user to convert our Heavy Duty Ball Winder into a Cone Winder. It includes a Small Diameter Spindle (SDS), various o-rings, 3 knobs and 4 rubber stoppers, 5 cones.

If you already own a SDS Spindle, then you just need to order a Catch-up Kit which includes everything except the SDS spindle.

With these kits, there is no need to have to buy a complete new Cone Winder, provided you already have one of our ball winders. What a great system!

Watch this video which shows how to install the washers inside the spindle.



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  • Watched our vid, but what are the screw-in black knobs for?

    We give you three different rubber stoppers and we give you three knobs to mount the rubber stoppers onto. Look at the one we assembled for you and copy that on the other 2. They thread into the top of the cone AFTER you mount the cone on the spindle. They lock the cone in place so it wll not move.