Cones for Cone Winder -Q

Cones for Cone Winder -Q

  • $15.00

Paper Cones for our Heavy Duty Cone Winder. Made in the USA. 7" tall, 1" opening at top and 2-5/8" opening at bottom. Sold in boxes of 30. Note: Inventory for this item is currently being limited to Cone Winder and Cone Winder Adaptor sales. When we re-order cones for out shipments of cone winders, we will then open up ordering for other customers. Sorry, but we must buy 4000 cones at a time and they usually sit here for a long time which is why we are restricting cone sales to our cone winder customers.  

Please note: cones require a large box and often times when cones are ordered, it forces the outer box size to increase substantially even though the weight is relatively low. If this occurs on your order and the freight cost is higher than the system estimates at the time of order placement, we may have to charge you for the additional freight. In which case we will contact you for approval first.


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  • Will you have the cardboard cones back in stock again?

    I am ordering them this week, will take about 7-10 days