Custom Needle Gauges

Custom Needle Gauges

  • $300.00

We offer our great Needle Gauge to other businesses with their logo and name imprinted on the face of the gauge. We have been doing this for many years and we believe that we are the only company that does so.

What makes our offer so good, however, is that your logo and/or name are printed at the time the gauge is manufactured. This makes the gauge look great since it was not a secondary process. You have a 2.5" wide x 1.0" tall zone that your artwork must fit into. We can assist in laying out the elements of the artwork  if you need assistance. We can even send it out and have it "vectorized" (which will make it really POP visually) for a small fee. 

Our gauges have 24 "needle sizers" ranging from 000 to 35 US. They are machined using CNC machines and are very accurate. They will not easily break. They measure 3.25" x 5.25". The plastic color is matte white and the ink color is Dark Blue (Navy). Sorry, but we do not offer a color option when ordering custom gauges.

We only run production on custom gauges 3 or 4 times per year (Jan-Feb, May-June, Aug-Sept, and Oct-Nov.). This all depends on the amount of demand that we have and sometimes these runs are rescheduled slightly.

"A needle gauge is the best item you can put your name on. That is because it is a tool that a knitter uses almost every day. Plus, if you have your name on the best gauge out there, your customer will really appreciate it and they will easily remember who sold or gave it to them."

Our price is all inclusive and there are no other charges for setup. We do reserve the right to require that you pay for any overruns which can range as high as 10% but that is rare. Normally, it can range up to 5% but if the qty is small, we absorb it. On any overrun quantity that we request you pay for, we only charge you 50% of the unit price.

You can only order Custom Gauges when we announce a production run which occurs during the following times of the year:

Order period               Delivery

Mid-late January         by mid-February

Mid-May                      by mid-June

Mid-September           by early October

November*                  by early December

*depending on demand, this is an optional production run

Note: we no longer offer bagging and tagging of gauges. All gauges will be shipped bulk, meaning you will receive your order in rubber banded stacks of 25 gauges in a box with no individual packaging. If the customer would like to bag the gauges, we recommend a 4" x 6" 2 mil ziplock bag.


If you have never submitted custom artwork in the past, please include in the NOTE section of your order when you will submit artwork for us to review. It should be 2.5" wide by 1" tall. It should be an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or a .eps vector graphics file. One color. If you don;t have a vectorized image we can have your logo converted for a very small fee ($15-30 typically).  Just tell us what you want to do in the note and we will get back to you.

Please complete the Custom Needle Information Form in addition to this order for the gauges. This provides more info to us about your artwork.

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