Flexi-skeiner Yarn Guides for Swifts and Skein-winders -Q

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Our NKK Swift and Skein-winder are configured with Single Skein Guides which are 5" wide. All Swifts and Skein-winders include 1 set of Single guides with the unit. This size and style handles most requirements. However, we also offer 3 other sizes which can be substituted for the single guides at time of purchase of the Swift or Skein-winder .

These include: Double, Triple, and Hi-Capacity guides

You may buy these optional sets of guides in 3 different types: (1) as Add-ons at time of purchase (we can substitute any of these for the singe guides) or (2) as Upgrades to your existing NKK equipment that is already in your possession, or (3) as Complete sets which essentially gives you an additional set of guides that you can swap out with the singles you already own.

The upgrade kits allow you to disassemble the ones you have now and then re-construct new guides in the new configuration that the kit consists of. The kits use some parts from the existing guides combined with additional parts in the kit to make the new configuration. Less expensive but a little work for you. Kits require assembly and consist of loose parts. Upgrade kits have 4x of what you see in the picture for a kit.

Finally, if you want an additional set of optional guides, then order the product entitled "Complete" Yarn Guides. These are the most convenient and flexible since you will then own 2 sets of dedicated yarn guides which you just slide onto our aluminum arms.

Note: Doubles are no longer available due to a lack of demand from customers


Single guides have 1 zone measuring 5" wide with a 1.25" wall height.

Double guides have 2 zones each measuring 3.5" wide with a 1.25" wall height

Triple guides have 3 zones each measuring 2.25" wide with a 1.25" wall height.

Hi-Capacity guides have 1 zone measuring 7" wide with a 2" wall height

What a great selection for you to choose from! Clearly unique in the industry.

DON"T FORGET to also select optional Posts (for the floor stand if you have one), as well as optional Table Guides. These are highly recommended if you are using Triple or Double Flexi-Skeiner guides.

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  • Hi do you know when the triple guide will be back in stock?

    Opps - it is in stock. I checked the store page and it does not indicate it is out of stock. Where did you see that?