Jumbo Lazy Kate -Q

Jumbo Lazy Kate -Q

  • $60.00

Jumbo Katie a-Go Go Lazy Kate. The Jumbo unit will hold the largest bobbins made measuring up to 5" in diameter. Total center to center post spacing is 5.375". One version comes with a denim carry sack and the other does not.

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  • $5499 is it with shipping

    No but you can display shipping when you enter your address. We cannot determine shipping until we see what you want and where you are located.

  • What are the dimensions? Can it be taken apart?

    The Wooden base measures 7" x 7". The center post is about 3" tall but can be removed.
    It comes packed in a denim bag.
    One of the most compact full featured Kates on the market (for over 10 years running).