Knee-sel -Q

Knee-sel -Q

  • $29.99

Knee-sel Document Holder in two sizes. For both sizes, you measure the circumference of your lower thigh approximately 4" up from the knee:

  • Small size - 14" to 25" circumference
  • Large size - 24" to 33" circumference

Sturdy 6-7 ounce Twill fabric. Only available in Navy Blue fabric (no check patterns).

Will hold a tablet device, magazine, etc. Incredible strength, yet highly flexible. It is a wonder tool.

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  • Will it hold a piece of notebook or printer paper, keep it vertical and remaining rigid (not wilting in half) without having to supplement/purchase/forage for some solution not included with product?

    Yes, it will hold paper without wilting. It does this because it forces the paper to curve which gives it strength.