Knit-Kard Set (14 Kards) -Q

Knit-Kard Set (14 Kards) -Q

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Note: we will start re-shipping these the week of 5/6/19 

This set consists of all 14 plastic Knit-Kards in the collection. These cover a wide variety of topics such as: Abbreviations, Yarn Label Guide, Yarn Yardage Table, editable Needle Inventory and Crochet Hook Inventory Kards, Decreases and Increases, Make to Fit, Yarn Classification, Yarn Yardage Estimator, Rate of Increase and Decrease, One Row Buttonhole and Kitchener Stitch, and Perfect Gauge Swatch. These Kards provide the user with a wealth of quickly accessible and highly portable information. They measure just 3.25" x 5.25" plus they are attached to a binder ring. Introduced over 15 years ago but updated numerous times.

There is one other Knit-Kard that is only included with our Wraps Per Inch Tool Kit. Plus our popular Needle Gauge is the same size as the our Kards and fits on the same keyring.

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  • On the knitting needle inventory card, what do the numbers mean in the left hand column. I know the letters (C, F, S, etc.). Are the numbers for the length of the needle (plus cable, of course, with the circulars)?

    That is correct. C11 is a 11 inch Circular