Motor Option for Swift and Skein-winder -Q

Motor Option for Swift and Skein-winder -Q

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Our Heavy Duty Commercial Grade motor option converts your swift or skein-winder into a workhorse. With this option, gone are the days of winding by hand the yarn that you need wound into skein. The unit includes an electronic control panel that controls 10 speeds forward and 3 speeds in reverse. Plus you may also change the direction of the winding action by means of a switch on the motor housing..

Turns the 2 yard unit at approx, 130 RPMs and the 4 Yard unit at approx. 105 RPMs. It uses the same motor that we use on our popular Motorized Ball Winder (thousands have shipped to date).

The system is rated for 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz use and can be used anywhere on Earth. If you lose power for any reason, simply disengage the belt and wind manually.

This is not for the Ball Winder. That is the Power Base.

SPECIAL NOTICE - All motorized skein-winders and swifts as well as all 4 yard units come in multiple boxes. This online store is unable to properly price the freight for multiple box orders, and therefore, it incorrectly assumes it is coming in one box. We will have to contact you within 24 hours with the additional freight charges for your specific order. If you decide to maintain your order and pay the additional delivery charges we will send you an invoice for these extra charges. If you decide not to maintain this order, we will immediately refund your purchase. You may always contact us in advance and get a quote for your order but you will need to provide the entire list of contents and the full shipping address. 

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  • does this skein winder have a counter

    At the present time, no. However, we are just about to review and approve a new version of the meter which we first develoepd in 2011 or so and when that becomes available, we will be back in business with our ERC meter which controls the motor drive as well. It is hands down the best meter for skein-winders available fo the commercial market. Target date Jan 2021.

  • I noticed that there was a notification on your electric ball winder that due to a parts shortage the winders might not be available until June. Is this still true? Because we have a customer who would like to buy one but we don't think they want to wait that long.- Beth at Westport Yarns in Westport. CT

    That note is old. I will update it. But that is not what you want. You want the POWER BASE which is available. Type in the word power base    Thanks Bob