NKK Yarn Meter -Q

NKK Yarn Meter -Q

  • $60.00

Tensioned Yarn Meter - This unit will measure the length of your yarn as you pull it through with a ball winder. Includes a wooden base and heavy duty table clamp (fits tables up to 1.75" thick). A fully adjustable, integrated tensioner allows user to adjust the tension of their yarn for the purpose of ensuring a more accurate measurement. This meter is only recommended for consumer use.  Includes a sturdy table clamp (not pictured) that clamps the meter onto a 1.75" thick table (max. thickness).

This is a fishing meter that we have adapted to measuring yarn. A ball winder is HIGHLY recommended when using this meter as yarn tension is critically important to ensure accuracy.

It is not recommended for commercial use. The unit is not covered by the standard warranty if used by a business.

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  • If my lever will not go up vertically, what could be causing it?

    More than likely, it is being blocked by the small rubber insert we attach to the inside of the meter. Sometiems this ca fal off or dislodge from the side of the housing. In which case the metal lever may hit it.

    This small part is inserted by NKK to prevent the yarn from jamming which can occur in rare occasions.

    The rubber insert has adhesive on one side and that side is pressed against the housing. It should not be blocking the opening were the yarn comes through.
    This part can be removed if it is causing an issue of any type.

    It is absolutely necessary that the lever fit properly (the level must stick straight up when closed) or possibly the yarn will not be held down.

    In a pinch, you can try to bend the bar on the lever slightly to clear the rubber part. Just be careful not to have the bar break off of the part it is connected to.