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This is the motorized drive option that converts our manual crank handle Heavy Duty Ball Winder into a Motorized Electric Ball Winder. This unit is used around the World and is without question, the "workhorse" of the yarn industry.

This unit has 10 speeds forward and 3 reverse. Has a Save function so the user can automatically return to a speed they like. It can also be controlled by our Electronic Yarn Meter as well as our Electronic Rotation Counter (slight cable mod needed - by user). Unit can also be controlled by a foot pedal (On-Off-function only - not speed).

100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz can be used anywhere on Earth. Includes 3 drive belts (orange) which should last up to 6 months each (before stretching).

Once you go electric, you will never wind manually again! Best tool for a yarn shop (after their cash register). Can be purchased as a bundle with the Ball or Cone Winder.

Note: There is only one version of the Power Base regardless of whether you mount a Cone Winder or Ball Winder on top. The only changes that occur related to the motorized option have to do with the selection of the ball winder's options.

Visit the Power Base webpage for additional information click here

NOTE: Ball Winder is sold separately. This is just the motor drive portion of the system.


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  • Can this be used with 220 Volt power?

    Absolutely! The power base uses a DC power supply that can operate on 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz. Therefore, it is usable anywhere on Earth.

  • Hello, I don’t understand the comment in red “Do not ship postal when ordering a Motorized Ball Winder”. Do you have any in stock? I am in the UK. So many thanks ...🙏

    Good morning,

    We do use USPS if that is what you would prefer.  We also use FedEx International.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    This is an added note form Bob - When I owned the business I would find that USPS was a problem going to Europe because if there was any problem at customs, they would return the unit.  Using Fed Ex eliminates that risk. So read our International shipping terms in Nkkshop.com

  • When it is still available?

    We have a product shorteage and this may not be available for a few months. We do not know for sure.
    We will post more info as we get it.


  • I am buying a ball winder from Ebay, and how many years before I have to have it refurbished from you and how much will that cost.

    Our ball winders are made form hardwood and steel primarily. The things that need refurbishment are the rubber o-ring that should be replaced every 2 years as it develops micro cracks from flexing and from the climate (dries out, ozone etc.).
    You need to clean the inside out every year or two. You need to adjust the oring tension occasionally. But the steel and hardwood are good to go for a LONG time. Oh,I forgot to mention, our heavy duty nylon gears are like the steel and hardwood and they also do not wear out.
    If the Ebay unit is from prior to 2010 roughly, it may have parts that need to be updated (clamp ring, new arm and post, etc.). Date or serial number is on the bottom.

  • Hello. I am looking for dimensional information on the power base.

    It is about 6,5” wide by 12” long by 5” tall weighs about 9 lbs. I often refer to it as a shoebox size wooden box.

  • When ordering the motorized to go with the ball winder, do you need to buy any extra accessories? ( belts, screws, etc...)

    No, both the ball winder and the Power Base are complete items. So, in other words, the manual ball winder includes everything that you need to use the ball winder manually with the crank handle and when you purchase the Motorized option, that includes everything you need to make the manual ball winder into an electric one. A person can start with a manual unit and at any time add the Power Base and they can make the manual unit into an electric one. When you buy both items at the same time, it is the same situation. Nothing else is needed.

  • Are the power supplies available yet?

    The power supplies have always been available. Did you try to buy one?

  • can i get on the list for a motor for my 2013 ball winder. I would like to pay now if possible.

    I am sorry for late response. You can roder one onlne right now. Type in motor in the search field. We only have 1 motor