Re-balance Spindle Arm

Re-balance Spindle Arm

  • $12.00

All repair orders must be prepaid

If the user wants to add a Small Diameter Spindle to an older ball winder, they may find that the balance is off. This is because the spindle is lighter weight than the standard spindle. On newer units we can adjust the balance by adding or subtracting weight in the arm. Older units need to be drilled out and a weight needs to be attached to the arm.

NKK can do this work for a fee. It involves the user returning both the small diameter and standard spindles as well as the spindle arm assembly itself. We will balance the arm so that both spindles will work on the unit with either minimal or no wobble at all.

User pays to ship these parts to NKK and the return postage will be a function of your location and the method of shipment that you select.

New ball winders include an easier method for re-balancing the spindle arm. If you have a newer ball winder with a hex nut underneath the Logo area on the arm, please contact us for directions.

DO NOT SEND BOLTS, BLOCKS, or PEGS back and DO NOT HAVE PERFUME ON WHEN PACKING THE UNIT. UNITS THAT SMELL LIKE A PERFUME FACTORY WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $10. Also do not use plastic peanuts to cushion the unit. Use crumpled paper instead.


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