• $16.00

Set of 3 - Replacement Rod Guides for Yarn Pet Trio and Anything but Lazy Kate

User can select Plastic or Metal. Metal will not fail, plastic could fail if glue does not hold or if user's application stresses the part due to the size of the bobbin or cone. 

Kit of 3 custom metal guides for Yarn Pet Trio or Anything but Lazy Kate. 6 screws included. These replace the plastic guides that may have come loose.

These are custom designed and will not fail. The user must drill two 3/32" dia. pilot holes per insert in order to insert the screws into the wood.

The set of 3 Plastic Inserts are identical to what was in the unit originally. We do not recommend that these be used but it is up to the user. The plastic kit includes a tube of Super Glue.

In both cases:

The user will also have to remove the white plastic parts and clear the hole that they were in of any glue residue (they will use a 5/16" dia. drill bit to clear the hole of dried glue).

If user does not want to drill new holes for mounting the metal insert, they should order the plastic replacement parts instead. However, in both cases cleaning the old hole of debris is best done by using a drill bit (5/16) to clear the hole of dried glue.


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