Scarf Fold-Up

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The Scarf Fold-up is an indispensable tool for scarf knitters and crocheters. Manages your scarf length and makes it much easier to control the project while you are working on it. Includes a 4 in. x 4 in. row and stitch gauge and a complete US-Metric needle conversion chart. 

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  • I love this, it's a great tool, but can you make one for wider scarves? They are very in right now, and I'd love to have one for wider than 6-inches, it would be very useful.

    Our product can handle 8". The 6" you are referring to has to do with the wrap around dimension. But unfortunately, this will have to do. The product has not been a big seller for some unknown reason so it would not make sense to design and market another version of it I am sorry to report.

    It is, indeed, a great product and was orignally conceived of by a male knitter who had the idea of wrapping the scarf around a dowel. But Nancy's 90 year old mother felt it would be more compact to wrap it around a flat object which, in fact, it was. That is how we ultimately designed it. It also provides the only true 4" gauge that we know of on the market today. 

    Thanks for your request.