Shaft Collars

Shaft Collars

  • $5.00

The ball winder and swift use shaft collars. Customers can buy them on this link.

All diameters refer to the diameter of the shaft they go onto (not the diameter of the overall collar)

Ball Winder - There is a 3/8" dia. Steel Collar used on the Torque Tube Assy. of the Ball Winder. You must use steel in this application. This collar uses a 1/8" Allen Wrench which is included.

Ball Winder - There is a 3/8" dia. White Plastic Split Collar on the end of the Spindle shaft. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN this collar or it will break. We use plastic to achieve a better balance on the spindle arm assy. Metal was used in the original units and that was OK but later units work more smoothly with plastic. This collar uses a 7/64" Allen Wrench which is included.

Swift - There is a 5/8" dia. Aluminum Collar on the Swift/Skein-winder main shaft. This uses a 5/32" Allen Wrench which is included. Needing one of these would be extremely rare since they are never removed from the system. THIS IS NOT USED ON A BALL WINDER!

Never overtighten the set screw of any collar. It can put a burr on the shaft or in the case of the plastic collar, it can crack it.

Collars are only there to restrict the removal of the shaft or another component on the shaft. They do not need to be over tightened so don't do it!

Other collars are available on the Yarn Pet series of Ball/Cone holders.


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