Skein-winder, 4 Yard Floor Stand Only, with Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC), and standard single skein yarn guides -Q

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Commercial grade skein-winder. This unit will wind up to 4 yard skeins (144" in circumference). Aluminum arms and Maple hardwood main structure, fully adjustable skein sizes from 28" to 144" in circumference. 5" wide (single) yarn  guides are perfect for all skein sizes. Based on our standard Swift but also includes our state-of-the-art Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) which measures yards, meters, and rotations. This meter is super accurate and is a non-contact system. The meter also connects to our Skein-winder Motor Drive System (shown in one of the pictures below). Together, these components make winding yarn exciting, productive, and fun!

Note: Motor unit is not shown in the motorized 4 Yard images but the standard motor unit is included on that version. See image of  optional motor unit.

SPECIAL NOTICE - All motorized skein-winders and swifts as well as all 4 yard units come in multiple boxes. This online store is unable to properly price the freight for multiple box orders, and therefore, it incorrectly assumes it is coming in one box. We will have to contact you within 24 hours with the additional freight charges for your specific order. If you decide to maintain your order and pay the additional delivery charges we will send you an invoice for these extra charges. If you decide not to maintain this order, we will immediately refund your purchase. You may always contact us in advance and get a quote for your order but you will need to provide the entire list of contents and the full shipping address. 

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  • Hi! Is it possible to program the unit to run in one direction for a set number of rotations, then automatically reverse direction? We would need to switch about 50-60 times. Please help! Thank you 858-216-6786

    I think it will work because the meter is powered separately. The motor needs to be powered off/on each time you change direction. This power resetting does not affect the meter's setting so it would remain on and programmed. Examle - the motor would turn 60 times and then the meter would stop the motor. You would then turn power off at motor flip the direction switch and power it back on. The meter would then count to 60 and stop the motor, etc.
    So you would have to be there to turn power off and on and press the run button on the motor control panel each time.

    But now if you unwind the opposite way, what will happen to the yarn you just wound? Unravel?