Small Diameter Spindle -Q

Small Diameter Spindle -Q

  • $32.00

The Small Diameter Spindle (SDS) is an optional spindle for the ball winder. It is used to make a ball with a smaller center hole and as a result, a smaller ball in general. Most often used by people who make yarn kits for resale. All ball winders manufactured from around 2009 or so included the adjustable arm and post systems. However, units prior to that may not have included either the newer arm, or the post with a knob. If your unit has an Arm for the post with an elongated slot and you have a black knob under nath the arm, then you do not need these add-on's

ATTN: Most people buying this spindle DO NOT need these optional Add-on's. Contact us if you need help.

IMPORTANT! if you want to buy a SDS to add to your existing ball winder, you will need to fit the spindle to your ball winder yourself. Please watch the following video. If you are not comfortable with doing this type of work, then don't buy the SDS.

On Ball Winder orders which include the SDS, please put in the notes of your order whether you want the SDS or the standard spindle mounted on the BW. 

Video showing how to add washers to Spindle

Sorry - This item is non-refundable and we will not warrant it for the user's inability to install or use it properly

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  • am I purchasing an entire ball winder or just the spindle? Where do i find the cardboard core for this?

    When you buy the small diameter spindle you are getting just the spndle for $32. The Ball WInder can be bought with that spindle also