Spindle options for the Ball Winder

  • $25.00

We offer three different spindles for our ball winders.

Standard diameter - This is the standard spindle that comes mounted on each ball winder. This can be purchased as a replacement or by customers who bought a Cone Winder and would like to also have the Std. spindle for making larger balls.

Small Diameter Spindle (SDS) - used for making smaller balls with smaller center holes. Useful for making kits. This spindle is also used on our cone winder version of the ball winder.

Super Small Diameter Spindle (SSDS) - This is used to make really small portions of yarn for samples or for jewelry kits or whenever the user needs significantly less than 1 ounce of yarn. See our product listing for this item.

NOTE: On any of our spindles not purchased with a ball winder, the user must fit plastic washers inside the spindle when fitting the spindle to their ball winder. We include the washers and instructions as well as the glue that will be needed. This is a necessary task since all ball winders and spindles are not made exactly the same and some dimensions could vary slightly which necessitates that this fitting process be done when they are not fitted together at the factory.

IMPORTANT!  If you want to buy any spindle to add to your ball winder, you will need to adjust the spindle to fit your existing ball winder. Please watch the following video and if you are not comfortable in doing this type of work, then do not buy the spindle.

Video showing how to install washers in spindle

Sorry - These items are non-refundable and we will not warrant them for the user's inability to install or use them properly.

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