Complete Tensioner Post and/or Arm Assy

  • $5.00

This the horizontal arm that holds the tensioner post. A few years after introducing the ball winder we decided to allow the post to move closer to the spindle in order to prevent the yarn from going over or under the ball of yarn. We then introduced this arm which has a slot in it which allows the post to be adjusted in terms of its proximity to the spindle. Some users already owned the post which had a threaded insert in it which used a large black knob to tighten the post. Others needed a new post which could be used with the Knob and the arm. So this section allows the user to get exactly what they need regardless of what vintage ball winder they own.


Original ball winders used a post which was screwed into an arm which had no adjustment at all. These did not have the large black knob. These users need the entire Tensioner Post Upgrade Kit.

The next generation of users had the Black knob but there was no Slot in the arm so it could only be used in one position. These users only need a need arm.

If you just need the post, please select the Post only which is a separate line item.

Note - users of the Small Diameter Spindle or the Cone Winder MUST use the adjustable arm and post. The SDS is more susceptible to yarn issues if the post is not moved as close as possible toward the spindle and this is the ONLY way to accomplish that.



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