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No more tangled skeins! Work from the outside of any center-pull ball with the smooth rotating action of the Yarn Pet™ - finally, a pet that works for YOU!

This invaluable tools is made from high-quality hardwood construction and measures 4" x 6". 

It can hold yarn balls and cones of yarn, with an integrated adjustable tensioner and yarn guide for ease of knitting and crocheting.

The 8.25 inch tall rod with a 3/16 inch diameter will also fit most bobbins. An optional YP Cone Kit is also available which will enhance your ability to hold most cones securely. Plus, an optional table clamp is available for use when heavy cones are mounted (just search for clamps on our site). Visit our webpage for more info.

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  • Can the tension of the spinning platform disc be adjusted to provide more resistance?

    Yes it can! To increase the drag or resistance, you simply pinch the wood disks more than you ordinarily would when attaching the collars and this prevents the disc from spinning so readily. The normal position is "no pinch" but you can add tension by adjusting the collars to be closer to the wood disc.
    Whenever NKK develops a product, tension is usually one of our first concerns since we know that too little or too much tension will cause issues.

  • I recently ordered and received the single yarn pet. I'm very happy with it. In the picture, it shows rubber caps on the end of the yarn guide and the post. Mine only came with the rubber cap on the post. Am I missing a rubber cap or do you no longer provide them for the post?

    The picture was taken early in the product intro period. We found that if the rod has the rubber cap on, then the yarn ball gets hung up on it when removing the ball from the Pet. It is not included as a result and you don't need it.

  • I lost the yarn guide for the yarn pet. Is it possible to order a replacement?

    Yes, indeed. I will add links tomorrow to add posts for all of the Pets. Check back by Sunday



  • How does the (single pole) Yarn Pet's table clamp attach to the Yarn Pet -- e.g. is there a hole already drilled in one (or more) of the sides?

    Our single pole yarn pet does not come with a table clamp or holes to be used with one.

    A clamp could be purchased but is not necessary. It would rest on top of the wood. The Pet does not move when in use typically

    Let us know if you still have a question


  • Can I purchase replacement posts and collar for my yarn pet?

    Yes from our store at www.nkkshop.com for for collars and posts in search window