Yarn Pet Trio -Q

Yarn Pet Trio -Q

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The Yarn Pet Trio comes in 2 versions - a version for holding cones and one for just holding just yarn balls. The primary difference is the fact that the cone version has all of the parts necessary to secure cones on all 3 rods.

Yarn Pet Trio, Cone Version. This unit can hold three 7" or 10" cones of yarn. It measures 19" wide by 7.5" deep x 3/4" thick. Made of Maple hardwood. This version of the Trio includes all of the necessary parts to hold 3 cones of yarn complete with our innovative cone support system. This includes wooden discs and rubber stoppers which both support and center the cones on the support rods. Our design allows the user to easily spin the cones during the removal of the yarn which completely eliminates the problem of re-twisting the yarn.

The Yarn Ball version is the same except it does not include the parts needed to control cones. If you do not plan to hold cones then that is all that you need.

NOTICES: (1) as of Spring 2018 we have started using a permanent, screwed-in, metal component that the rods fit into. These were previously glued in and sometimes would loosen up when large cones were used. These new fasteners will never loosen up and are truly commercial grade.

(2) the latest version of the Trio has a different hole configuration for the posts and looks slightly different than these images. The current model has been refined to better work with our skein-winder's triple guides.

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